Sound therapy

Sound therapy

Heal with sound therapy

Healing Sounds:

The human body can be compared to an orchestra, where each organ, tissue, and cell is like a different instrument. Just like in an orchestra, the individual parts all have different tones, overtones and unique attributes that must be tuned to play harmoniously together. The singing bowl therapist in sound therapy works like a music conductor.

Our nervous system is sensitive to all sounds. Loud and dissonant sounds can hurt or even kill us, while the beautiful rhythmic sounds of the singing bowls have a profoundly healing effect on the nervous system, which is in continuous communication with every cell in the body. The combination between the sound of the bowl perceived through the ear, and the vibrations of the bowl through the flesh of the body, has a healing effect on the body, mind, and soul. The external vibrations of the tapped bowl cause the cells to resonate.

From here the sound waves spread everywhere, since the body consists of more than 70% water, and water is a great conductor of sound and vibration. The sound waves (like the waves from a stone thrown into a pond) spread in concentric rings into larger and larger circles through the blood, flesh, organs, and bones, relaxing them and at the same time harmonizing and energizing them. In this way, the more than 100 trillion cells, the building blocks of the human body, are receiving a gentle cleansing massage. Think of it as being like what happens when you put jewelry or dentures into a supersonic bath. In a short while all the dirt would come loose.

The sound vibrations of special singing bowls are designed for healing, releasing energy blockages from the body, mind, and spirit.

Healing Sounds Benefits

• Stress reduction through deep relaxation and endorphin release.
• Liberates emotional traumas locked within the subconscious.
• Profound effect on acupuncture meridians.
• Activates self-healing mechanisms within the body.
• Promotes deeper sleep.
• Relief from headache, fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, joint or muscle aches, menstrual disorders, emotional imbalances.
• Chakra balancing.

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