Emotional Disorders

Emotional Disorders

Emotional disorders


Mental health issues should not be ignored. People should seek help early to avoid the risk of more severe mental health problems. If you are finding feelings of anxiety, depression, distress, overwhelming sadness, or other feelings difficult to overcome, or if emotional or behavioral problems significantly disrupt your life, we can help you.

People experience extreme worry that interferes with their daily lives, or have panic attacks, or have physical fear reactions in attempts to avoid the situation that can also lead to social isolation and depression. Other life-changing situations such as getting divorced, the death of an ill family member can also be very distressing, and may cause mental health problems and negative thoughts, such as feeling afraid, guilty, flat, or numb. Also, feeling overly alert, or having sleeping difficulties, irritability, lack of concentration, becoming easily startled, paranoid, or constantly being on the lookout for signs of danger. On the other hand, addictions can take many forms: drugs, alcohol, nicotine, tobacco, food, gambling, sex, pornography, etc. Nonetheless, ADHD is a behavioral disorder, not an illness or a measure of intelligence.

In the Monica Winston program, we help overcome some challenges with a variety of strategies and determination. After your initial evaluation, the healing process will begin. You will be given the proper tools to get to the root of the problem and treat the imbalance. We will provide you with Healing therapies that assist in your individual treatment, while removing toxicity caused by unhealthy foods, exposure to electromagnetic devices, environmental pollution, and residue from pharmaceutical drugs, malnutrition, etc. Throughout the holistic healing process, we will guide you into reaching your health and wellness goals. We will be utilizing a combination of healing therapies, such as: Biomagnetism, Reiki, Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy, and Health Coaching.

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