The Energy, Emotion, & Symbolic Codes of Microbes

This is a new and extremely advanced healing modality created by Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios MD following his many years of experience treating thousands of patients. It is based on energy medicine, DNA information, epigenetics, the human genome, metabolomics, nutrigenetics & nutrigenomics, bioenergetics, and the biomagnetic resonance within our bodies (also known as biomagnetism), and it complements any type of energy medicine work known today, giving us an understanding of the energy, emotions, and symbolic codes behind microbes which are here to support and help us while resonating with and supporting our own information.

It involves the profound understanding of our relationship with our microbes, which affect us at all levels of our existence and evolution. It helps us to understand why we get sick, why everyone attracts certain and specific microbes, and the precise moment at which an energy conflict is created leading to a biological conflict which attracts the specific microbe supporting the information.

Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios MD also shares a variety of very specific protocols for different conflicts to help us regain and achieve physical and mental health and peace of mind. Microbes help us evolve!

Microbioenergetics helps us understand why certain people tend to pick up certain pathogens while others who are equally exposed do not get infected. Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios MD discovered that microbes are our allies, they are here to teach us and to help us overcome fears, traumas, and other emotional issues so that we can attain a balanced and healthy body, mind, and spirit.

This therapy covers issues, conflicts, traumas, and a better understanding of a child’s development, from the moment of conception all the way through gestation and into infancy, adolescence and adulthood, including transgenerational issues and protocols. With Microbioenergetics we can deactivate the information on specific conflicts and traumas that support microbes and cause illness and/or boycott our healing.

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