Theta Healing (Hypnosis)

Theta healing

theta healing

Theta Healing is an energy-based therapy created by Vianna Stibal. Stibal observed that emotions and beliefs affect us on a central, genetic, historic and soul-based level, and she developed a process for discovering how and why we create problems and sicknesses in our lives and how we can change them.

Everything we go through is stored in our beliefs. In other words, following any given experience, we establish an internal reality that begins to influence how we act. Beliefs are created in our brain as neuronal connections and are then stored in our DNA, which is our information repository; it sounds like a fanciful idea, but experts uphold that each of our cells contains all the information on what we live through and what we inherit. Through Theta Healing, we are able to access that information held within our subconscious in order to identify those thoughts or beliefs that turn into negative feelings and sabotage our happiness.

Through guided meditation, Monica Winston helps you to recognize the roots of the situation you want to change, seeking to effect changes in your beliefs at an unconscious level.

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