Therapist Treatment & training

Therapist Treatment and training

Therapist treatment

My Therapist Treatment & Training program is intended for therapists who are looking to achieve their own personal wellness goals while simultaneously developing their own therapy knowledge and techniques in the field. With over a decade of experience, I have developed advanced techniques in holistic therapy through which I am able to help my clients achieve an overall balance and level of health, both mentally and physically.

I practice a variety of modalities in each of my programs (see “Modalities” for more information) through which I will establish a tailored self-healing plan based on pre-determined wellness goals for your mind and body. At the same time, you will gain experience in those modalities which you can incorporate into your own practice to the benefit of your own clients, as a form of healing that is passed on to the world.

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NOTE: The Therapist Treatment & Training program is available to professional therapists only.

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