Biomagnetic therapy

Biomagnetic therapy

biomagnetic therapy

Medical Biomagnetism

Biomagnetic Therapy regulates the pH (Potential of Hydrogen) in the organism. Achieving a neutral pH gives us a healthy body free of mind-altering toxins and eliminates feelings of insecurity, hopelessness, impotence, hypersensitivity, diminished value, risk or imminent problems, depression, sadness, anxiety, mental laziness, anger and apathy, while it also eliminates habits and behaviors such as overeating/sluggishness, impatience, argumentativeness, procrastination, increased alcohol or drug use, increased smoking, withdrawal or isolation, avoiding or ignoring responsibilities, poor work performance, exhaustion, poor personal hygiene, or changes in family or intimate relationships.

biomagnetic therapy“Biomagnetic Pair Therapy has the specific tools to treat this problem called STRESS and to produce excellent results.”

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Biomagnetic therapy

Dr Isaac Goiz Duran The discoverer and developer of Medical Biomagnetism


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